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32 Cute, Read-to-Print Stickers for Bullet Journals and Planners

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Tired of staring at the same boring planner pages? Spice up your organization with adorable, printable stickers! This collection of cuties will add a touch of creativity, cuteness, and originality to your notebook, journal, diary, or planner in no time. All you need to do – is download, print, cut, and stick them to your pages. But, beforehand, let's take a look at them!


Journals + Stickers

Journaling and stickers go together like toast and marmalade! Stickers step in perfectly, adding pops of color, highlighting important dates, and personalizing your organizational system. They can transform a simple to-do list into a vibrant reminder, or create a visual cue for healthy habits, all while injecting a dose of fun that keeps you engaged with your planning goals.

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Melanfolia Sticker Pack for Bullet Journals, Notebooks, Planners, and More!

A few days ago I stumbled upon a short list of motivational phrases and words from various sources: the Bible, classic books, prayers, and anything else you can spot on a mug or a t-shirt. But, there were absolutely no phrases from songs, which surprised me! Music inspires me so much, why don't we add some of the most iconic musical phrases to our daily journals?

So, here you have it! I designed 32 cute, read-to-print stickers, which you can download here. They feature short words and my favorite phrases from songs. The two-page prints come in versatile pastel tones. Of course, you can use them not only in your journal but for other paper crafts: gift wrapping, DIY decoration, pantry organization, and more.

How to Print Stickers?

The foundation of any great sticker lies in its paper. Here's a breakdown of the most common types to help you pick the perfect match for your project:

  • Matte Sticker Paper: This versatile option offers a smooth, non-reflective texture ideal for detailed illustrations and vibrant colors.

  • Glossy Sticker Paper: Glossy paper gives your stickers a shiny, photo-realistic finish that pops! It's perfect for designs with bold colors and crisp lines.

  • Clear Sticker Paper: Want your artwork to seamlessly blend in with the surface it's applied to? Opt for clear sticker paper. This is a fantastic choice for creating custom water bottle labels or adding subtle embellishments to notebooks.

  • Vinyl Sticker Paper: For ultimate durability and water resistance, vinyl is the way to go. This option is ideal for stickers that will be exposed to the elements, like on bikes or water bottles.

*Pro Tip: Consider the intended use of your stickers!  If they'll be used outdoors or frequently handled, vinyl is the clear champion. For decorative stickers in planners or notebooks, matte or glossy paper might be more suitable.

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Time to Cut:

Once you've chosen your paper, it's time to gather your tools! Most home inkjet or laser printers are compatible with sticker paper. However, double-check your printer's manual for specific recommendations. Here is also a list of the best portable printers that will help you to print your sticker on the go.

I don't have a special cutting machine for stickers, so I prefer simple designs and shapes for my stickers. For intricate designs, consider investing in a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette.


How did you like this cute sticker pack? With these adorable stickers, every page becomes a delightful adventure, keeping you organized and motivated on your journey to success!
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