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Top 10 Inspiring Mixed Media Sketchbook Ideas to Spark Your Creativity (with Images!)

mixed media journal spread

Is your sketchbook feeling a bit...tame? Ready to ditch the pencil and embrace a creative explosion? Then dive into the world of mixed media art!  This isn't your average sketchbook adventure. We're talking coffee-stained landscapes, embroidered portraits, and fantastical creatures built from found treasures.  Forget the limitations of traditional art supplies – we're venturing beyond the expected to create truly inspiring works of art with these 10 fresh ideas!

Top 10 Inspiring Mixed Media Sketchbook Ideas to Spark Your Creativity


mixed media journal spread

 1. Timeless Beauty

Our world is filled with impermanent beauty – a fallen leaf's vibrant hues, the fleeting patterns of morning mist, or the intricate details of a weathered wall. Embrace the ephemeral by incorporating found objects directly into your sketchbook. Press fallen leaves between pages, letting their textures imprint onto the paper. Trace the delicate lines of cobwebs with ink, or use coffee grounds to depict the swirling patterns of morning fog.

mixed media journal spread

2. Sensory Overload

Engage all your senses in this captivating prompt. Head outdoors on a scavenger hunt, collecting unusual materials and items that evoke specific sensory experiences. Find something rough and textured, something smooth and cool, something with a strong scent. Back in your studio, use these objects as inspiration for mixed media creations. Texture rubbing with crayons can capture the roughness of the bark, while a cool metal object pressed onto the paint can leave a unique imprint. 

mixed media journal spread

3. Blindfolded Chaos

This twist on the classic blind contour drawing injects a dose of collaborative chaos into your sketchbook. Grab a partner and two sketchbooks. With one person blindfolded, the other guides their hand, creating a blind contour drawing on their sketchbook page. Once complete, switch roles. Now comes the mixed media twist. 

Without peeking at the original blind contours, use them as a foundation for a collaborative mixed media piece. One person might fill the shapes with vibrant watercolors, while the other adds tactile elements with fabric scraps or textured modeling paste. The unexpected results will spark conversation and laughter, fostering a unique creative bond.

mixed media journal spread

4. Altered Book

Pre-loved books are brimming with potential for mixed media transformations. Find a book at a thrift store or garage sale, choosing one with interesting visuals or textures. Carefully cut out shapes from the pages, creating windows into the underlying narrative. 

Use these windows as a starting point for your mixed media creations. Layer tissue paper, collage vintage photographs, and printed patterns, or even write snippets of your own story within the revealed sections. This altered book will be transformed into a new canvas for your personal narrative, a fascinating blend of the old and the new.

mixed media journal spread

5. Doodling

Dreams offer a portal to the subconscious, a realm brimming with bizarre imagery and vivid emotions. Keep a dream journal by your bedside, jotting down any fragments you remember upon waking. The next day, translate these dreamscapes into mixed media creations within your sketchbook. 

Experiment with unusual color combinations, dreamlike textures, and distorted perspectives to capture the essence of your dreams. Don't be afraid to be abstract and embrace the nonsensical – after all, dreams themselves defy logic.

mixed media journal spread
Photo: Lari Washburn

6. Soundscape

Sound is a powerful force that can evoke a range of emotions and imagery. Close your eyes and focus on a specific sound, whether it's the crashing waves on a beach, the bustling energy of a city street, or the calming melody of your favorite song. Translate this soundscape into a visual symphony within your sketchbook. Use rhythmic lines, splatters of paint, or even musical notation to capture the essence of the sound. 

mixed media journal spread

7. Emotional Palette

Emotions are often intangible, yet they profoundly impact our lives. Dedicate a series of sketchbook pages to exploring the connection between emotions and color. Choose an emotion – joy, anger, sadness, or anything in between – and create a mixed media piece that embodies that feeling. 

Use color theory to inform your choices – warm colors for emotions like joy and excitement, cooler tones for feelings of sadness or loneliness. You can also incorporate textures that evoke emotions – soft and fluffy for comfort, sharp and edgy for anger. This exercise allows you to explore the language of color and its connection to the human experience.

mixed media journal spread

8. Found Object 

Who needs traditional supplies for creative journaling, when there are so many lost objects in the world? Look for discarded treasures during walks – a rusty bolt, a colorful feather, a pressed leaf – each with a story waiting to be told. Incorporate these objects directly into your sketchbook pages or use them as creative tools. 

For example, you can create whimsical creatures by using a rusty bolt as a mechanical claw or a feather as a fantastical wing. Let the found object be the starting point for your future artwork. 

mixed media journal spread
Photo: boundbyhand

9.  Embroidery 

A needle and a thread can be powerful tools in a mixed media sketchbook.  Instead of just drawing figures, try stitching their outlines or details. You can create textured backgrounds with embroidery floss, or use different stitch patterns to represent different textures like fur, feathers, or scales. This technique adds a tactile dimension to your art and allows for incredible detail and delicate lines.

mixed media journal spread

10. Abstract Alchemy

Mixed media isn't just about combining different materials – it's about exploring how they interact with each other.  Embrace the unexpected with a touch of scientific wonder by experimenting with chemical reactions in your sketchbook. 

Try using household items like bleach or rubbing alcohol to create unique effects on watercolor washes. For a more controlled approach, explore the fascinating world of rust printing. Dip screws, nails, or other metal objects in vinegar and salt, then place them on watercolor paper.  Just make sure to protect your skin, eyes, and surfaces when using aggressive chemicals.


There you have it, ten unique mixed media ideas to transform your sketchbook into a playground of artistic exploration! Don't treat your mixed media sketchbook as a treasure, allow your art to be chaotic, and experimental... Believe me, you'll enjoy it so much more and will get so much inspiration!

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