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10 Must-Have Supplies You'll Need to Start Your First Creative Journal

aesthetic flatlay with stationery and journals on a table

Creative journaling is a great way to express yourself, track your thoughts and experiences, and relieve stress. It encompasses various styles, such as bullet journaling, art journaling, scrapbooking, and even planner journaling. But before you can start your first visual or creative journaling journey, you'll need to gather some basic and very affordable supplies. For today's blog post, I have gathered for you some essential journaling supplies for your creative endeavors. Whether you are a writer, an aspiring artist, or a junk journal enthusiast, you'll find this list very useful.

What is Creative Journaling?

Before starters, let's try to understand what creative journaling stands for? Creative journaling is a form of journaling that allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways, including through writing, drawing, painting, collage, and other creative activities. It is a way to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences more expressively and visually than traditional journaling. Additionally, it is a free self-discovery tool, a free tool for street relief.

There are many different ways to approach creative journaling. Some people like to use a blank journal and let their creativity flow freely. Others prefer to use a pre-made journal that has prompts or activities to guide them. There is no right or wrong way to do it, the most important thing is to find a way that works for you and that allows you to express yourself freely.

aesthetic flatlay with stationery and journals on a table

What Basic Supplies You’ll Need to Start Your First Creative Journal

Before diving into the world of creative journaling, it's essential to gather the basic supplies that will empower you to unleash your creativity. Please, remember that there is no need for expensive art supplies, fancy pencil sets, or notebooks. You can begin your first creative journal with the most basic and affordable supplies you can find in a stationery store near you. 

  • Journal or Notebook

The foundation of your creative journal is, of course, the journal itself. Choose one that suits your style, whether it's a blank notebook for drawing or a dot grid journal for bullet journaling. Alternatively, you can make a journal from the actual junk or old journals you previously owned. It is an eco-friendly and fun way to make creative journaling more affordable.

  • Pens and Markers 

A variety of pens and markers in different colors and tip sizes will help you add text and illustrations to your journal. Consider using fine liners, brush pens, and colored markers for versatility.

  • Watercolor or Guache Paints

If you're inclined toward art journaling, watercolor paints can add a vibrant and dynamic dimension to your pages. Watercolor pencils are also a great choice for beginners.

  • Washi Tape 

Washi tape is an excellent decorative element for your journal. It comes in various designs and colors, making it perfect for embellishing pages and adding a touch of personality.

  • Stickers and Stamps

Collect stickers and stamps that resonate with your style. They can be used to create eye-catching headers, borders, and themes throughout your journal.

simple collage with top 10  supplies for journaling

  • Printed Materials

Printed materials can add a pop of color and interest to your journal pages. They can also help to break up the text and make your journal more visually appealing. You can download and print journaling bundles via my store Melanfolia on Payhip. There are a bunch of freebies for your journal as well.

  • Glue and Adhesives 

To attach photos, ephemera, or other elements to your journal, you'll need a reliable adhesive like glue sticks, double-sided tape, or adhesive dots.

  • Scissors and Cutting Tools 

Precision is key when working with paper crafts. Invest in a good pair of scissors and a crafting knife for clean and precise cuts.

  • Ruler and Stencils 

A ruler helps you create straight lines, while stencils add intricate designs and shapes to your pages.

  • Decorative Paper 

Collect patterned and colored paper for collages, backgrounds, and other creative additions to your journal.

Wrapping Up...

Creative journaling is an immensely rewarding and flexible practice that allows you to explore your inner creativity while documenting your life journey. Armed with the must-have supplies listed above and a journal that suits your style, you're ready to embark on your creative journaling adventure. Whether you're drawn to writing, art, or a combination of both, the possibilities are endless. 

Use this beginner's guide to fuel your creative writing, artistic expression, and self-discovery as you embark on your first creative journaling experience. Embrace the freedom to experiment, and remember that your journal is your personal canvas, waiting for your unique touch. And, remember, that a sentence a day keeps the doctor away! Happy and creative journaling, friends!
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